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Tracy Hartenstein
from: Chile Colorado River Project
by Lars Holbek
American Whitewater Affiliation
Tracy Hartenstein. The Rio Colorado is the last major tributary of the Maipo described here. The put-in is by the check station along the road that ascends the Colorado canyon. It had a 7 km class IV run at 1,000 cfs at 23 mpk when I ran it in 1983. Now, however, a landslide has created a huge sieve 1 km above the take-out which has little or no warning before it, and even less of an escape eddy.
In 1991, at least two kayakers ran the 3 meter pourover at the top of the sieve and swam under the entire thing!! Tracy Hartenstein was under for 30-40 seconds while spiraling through 30 meters of dark underwater- world. His boat never came through. A Brit survived the same nightmare, and his boat made it through. Tracy reports a dirt road that takes off from the main road and dead-ends near the sieve. If you insist on doing this run, scout it well. WITH EVERY RUN IN THIS GUIDE YOU MUST APPROACH IT AS IF YOU KNOW NOTHING. RIVERS CHANGE AND GUIDES CANNOT SERVE AS A REPLACEMENT FOR COMMON SENSE AND PRUDENCE. Learn from Tracy's miraculous survival and don't let this accident happen to you. 
Chuck Hartenstein - 1970 Pittsburgh Pirates, from Glenn's Pirates Page, a web page on the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball team by Glenn Gearhard, a Major in the U. S. Marine Corps, assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) in Arlington, Virginia, Master's Degree in Information Technology Management at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. 
Dr. Liesel Hartenstein, geb. Rössler, MdB, Baden-Württemberg, Landesliste (SPD), Gymnasiallehrerin 
Prof. Hannes Hartenstein, KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Dr. Frank Hartenstein, Leiter Business Intelligence, Vodafone , Düsseldorf
Prof. Volker Hartenstein, University of California at Los Angeles

H. Hartenstein
H. Hartenstein Institut für Organische Chemie (Prof. Dr. Peter Welzel), Uni Leipzig - Wissenschaftliche Veroeffentlichungen http://www.uni-leipzig.de/forschb/24000/24140_v.html
Felix Hartenstein
Hartenstein, Felix: Ein verallgemeinertes Mühlespiel auf Graphen (Staatsexamensarbeit, 1992). Uni Hamburg, Fb. Mathematik, http://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/home/schuster/diplom.html Diplom- und Staatsexamensarbeiten (Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Andreae) 
Martin Hartenstein
Martin Hartenstein, GeoÖkologe, Uni Karlsaruhe: http://www.bio-geo.uni-karlsruhe.de/IfGG1/Pers/HARTENS.htm
Troy Hartenstine

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